Diane Sawyer

Television journalist Diane Sawyer
Full Name: Lila Diane Sawyer

Born: December 22, 1945 (age 64) Glasgow, Kentucky, United States

Education: Wellesley College, B.A., 1967

Occupation: Television journalist

Spouse(s): Mike Nichols (1988-present)

Years active: 1962–present

The one of the famous celebrities Lila Diane Sawyer is an American television reporter for the ABC News partition of the ABC network. On top of December 21, 2009, she began fastening World News with Diane Sawyer, the network's flagship news program. Beforehand, Sawyer had been co-anchor of ABC News's morning news program, Good Morning America (GMA).

Awards and Nominations

Daytime Emmy Awards

(Nomination: 0 & Won:1 , Year:2007)







Daytime Emmy

Excellence in Morning Programming
for: "Good Morning America" (1975)
Shared with:
Jim Murphy (senior executive producer)
Tom Cibrowski (executive producer)
Jessica Stedman Guff (senior broadcast producer)
Stuart Schwartz (senior broadcast producer)
Chris Vlasto (senior producer)
Margo Baumgart (senior producer)
Dennis O'Brien (senior producer)
James Bogdanoff (senior producer)
Robin Gradison (senior producer)
Anna Robertson (senior producer)
Santina Leuci (editorial producer)
Colleen Curtis (supervising editor)
Michelle Hord (supervising producer)
Michael Corn (supervising producer)
Janice Johnston (supervising producer)
Alexa Miranda (Deputy Editorial Producer)
Sheila Sitomer (executive producer - program development)
Diane Masciale (executive editor - special coverage)
Gitika Ahuja (producer)
Sandra Aiken (producer)
Margaret Aro (producer)
Bill Barrett (producer)
Clark Bentson (producer)
Max Culhane (producer)
Seth Fenton (producer)
Jessica Hoffman (producer)
Cole Kazdin (producer)
Karen Leo (producer)
Allen Levine (producer)
Maria Licari-Cohen (producer)
Michelle Major (producer)
Rich McHugh (producer)
Kevin McMillen (producer)
Brian O'Keefe (producer)
Alberto Orso (producer)
Linda Owens (producer)
Andrew Paparella (producer)
Chad Parks (producer)
Mary Pflum (producer)
Jennifer Pereira (producer)
Ashley Phillips (producer)
Karen Rhee (producer)
Ia Robinson (producer)
Liz Sintay (producer)
Cindy Smith (producer)
Ben Stevenson (producer)
Cari Strassberg (producer)
Chris Strathmann (producer)
Thea Trachtenberg (producer)
Anna Wild (producer)
Gary Wynn (producer)
Lana Zak (producer)
Jerry McNiff (meterologist producer)
Yoni Mintz (operations producer)
Edmund Levin (producer/newswriter)
Cathy Becker (coordinating producer)
Bill Cunningham (coordinating producer)
Carolyn Durand (coordinating producer)
Patricia Neger (coordinating producer)
Kristin Sebastian (coordinating producer)
Morgan Zalkin (coordinating producer)
John D'Incecco (director)
Bob Morrissey (head writer/coordinating producer)
Lisa Ferri (writer)
Roger Fortuna (writer)
Mitchell Gallob (writer)
William Piersol (writer)
Laura Zaccaro (writer)
Darcy Bonfils (producer)
Robin Roberts (anchor)
Sam Champion (weather anchor)
Chris Cuomo (news anchor)
Claire Shipman (correspondent)
Elisabeth Leamy (correspondent)
Tied with "Today" (1952)

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